Thursday, October 23, 2014

Vyiha starts a collaboration with author Stella Chong, expert on innovative diets

Stella Chong has been authoring several blog articles on dietary concerns since 2008. Yet, her story has not always been related to this special interest, as she calls it.
She started off her career in the publishing industry, and that is how we have been knowing her. First working for several magazines specialized on health and wellbeing, and then moving to one of the major local publishing houses focused on women's health, she developed a personal interest on diets that based their techniques on natural solutions. Her decision to formally certify her interests came naturally by following several nutrition science courses.

Spring Diet is her first book with us and it is intended to also be the first of a long term project spanning over the whole four seasons.
"Our body changes during the year" she told us. "For example, in Spring, our body is re-energized and expects us to get ready to go outdoor and shake off the dryness and laziness we accumulated during the cold Winter months." "However," she continues "our appetite tends to be lighter than the previous season. Our body urges us to be mindful of this change and to consequently adapt our diet to such new needs."

The collection of gourmet recipes that Stella Chong presents in her first book with Vyiha have been selected based on what she defines to be an "integrative approach for a diet during Spring time." The author synthesizes three approaches to adapt our body to this time of the year. With most of the ingredients used in the recipes described in the book are readily available in most grocery stores, Stella is sure that her readers will not only enjoy preparing them, but also and especially benefit from the cleaning mechanisms that such dishes will facilitate in our body.

Stella Chong's book is already the twelfth published by our publishing house and we are very proud to have it in our store.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Alessandro Del Grand tells us about his book on Asia

"I never thought my personal experiences would one day end up in a book", told us Alessandro last week. "But when Vyiha approached me with the idea of collecting the stories I was writing weekly for an Italian newspaper, I couldn't say no."

Alessandro is one of the many Asia-lovers Westerners who have been dramatically attracted by the Asian continent to the point of deciding to move there. "It is difficult to say where all started. In the book I tried to offer a logic and rational explanation for the reason of my personal attraction to Asia but, as often happens in these cases, finding a unique cause is difficult."

The author's attraction to Asia and its culture brought him around the continent at first, until the moment when he decided to move indefinitely there. "I've been studying Japanese since I was 13 and I have never stopped reading books about the Chinese culture and history since I went to high school."

In the last six years, Alessandro lived in Hong Kong, China and Japan, where he now lives with his wife. "This part of the world has dramatically changed since the period I relocated. As a traveler during the region since the end of the '90s, I can trace some parallels with that period of time, a time where Asia was not on the radar screen of international investors as it is now, and in which the influence of the money coming from China did not dictate the destiny of many countries in the region. Nevertheless, despite the changes, I am happy to still feel the exotic and passionate ingredients that characterize the life of a Westerner here. Fortunately, I think I will never get used to the joy of finding and discovering cultural differences. I hope I was able to convey such a passion in my book, without sounding too much the typical stereotype of the Westerner in Asia." He smiles while looking outside the window of the cafe' where we met in Shek O, in the Southern part of the island of Hong Kong.

"What do you think Vyiha really helped you as an author during the publishing process?", we finally asked him. "I had already quite a lot of material accumulated in my years spent around Asia" Alessandro said, "I only needed some help to organize it and in this Vyiha really added value to the whole project. Of course, navigating the whole publishing process, distribution and promotion steps included, was something that I would have never been able to do on my own".

Alessandro's book is already our tenth title, a big accomplishment for our small publishing house. The book is published in Italian and in English and can be found in the major digital retailers.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Publishing Vyiha first ebook: Paolo Garizio on how to reverse nearsightedness

Paolo Garizio has been working as a Personal Functional Training for more than ten years around Northern Italy. From his first days in this competitive market, he approached training not only with the target of improving physical performance but also with the idea of helping his clients to leverage on the emotional benefits (such as increase of self-esteem) that always come with a continuos exercise routine.

When he found out that, different from common and accepted beliefs, the main cause of nearsightedness boiled down to muscular stress triggered by incorrect habits in using our eyes, he started to research the topic with the aim of finding a natural way to change such habits. The result of his personal research is what he calls "Vision training", a series of exercises dedicated to our eyes and meant to re-establish the natural flexibility of our eye muscles, somehow lost because of lack of movements (e.g. fixing a computer display for a long time every day).

When we met Paolo Garizio to discuss his project to write a book on his topic of research he was wearing glasses. When we met him again six months later, he arrived at the meeting without any glasses nor contact lens: he was "completely healed", as he said, thank to implementing the series of the fast and effective exercises he designed for helping his eyes to regain the lost flexibility.

"Heal your vision" is the outcome of his researches and the first ebook that Vyiha has published under the series of health wellbeing. We are, of course, extremely excited to launch this ebook as it is a great example of not only a topic similar to those Vyiha will publish in the future but also a relationship with an author born and grown on the way Vyiha expects to be, with continuous feed-backs on both sides and with the author 100% focused on writing the book and with the publishing company doing all the rest, from editing to formatting to distributing and promoting the work done.

We hope this positive experience will set up the stage for the upcoming ebooks with new authors. As Paolo Garizio put it in a recent communication, "Vyiha's support has been extremely helpful to use my time efficiently, permitting me to work on a book without putting aside my activity of Personal Functional Trainer and without making me think about the thousand technical details that always accompany the publishing of an ebook. Rather, the time I have saved in the process has been invested in a new book, now a project already in discussion with the team of Vyiha Publishing".

We will follow closely the growth of "Healing your vision" in our distribution channels and in our website, working hard to transform his words into a publishing success.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Focus as the key to successful publishing

Among the hectic and exciting moments that are accompanying the birth of Vyiha, two questions seems to be risen often by those participating in the project:

1. How Vyiha should operate in the crowded publishing business?
2. In which way Vyiha will help authors in making their words successful books?

The answers to these 2 important questions are not meant to understand the so-called “market positioning” for the new company but they are instead challenging aspects that require careful analysis in order to establish a consistent way for Vyiha to establish its footprint as a reliable publishing company.

Focus #1: authors
The common publishing industry has been disrupted today by different dynamics that brought self-publishing authors to have almost the same success of authors using traditional channels.
As the environment keeps changing, every day at least 100 new titles are published [1]. This number is not expected to decrease any sooner. As the number of titles published keeps rising, the number of companies claiming to offer a full array of services for self-publishing authors is rising too. In our experience, nowadays there are 2 types of models that these companies are using:

A. Charge a fee (agency model)
B. Take a cut (wholesale model)

However these 2 models can differ, in both cases, the focus will be on getting the highest number of titles (or authors) in order to A. either charging the highest number of fees or B. collecting the highest figure in terms of revenues to be split between the author and the company itself.
We believe that this focus is wrong.
It is wrong because it not only sees expensive fees or percentage of revenues kept by the companies offering services so high that make not economically viable for authors to try to sell their only book with a profit. The focus is mainly wrong because as they try to maximize their profits the attention is put on the quantity of titles (or authors) to be published. This focus by definition is misaligned with the need of each title of being followed through the difficulties emerging during the distribution and promotion steps. Unfortunately, these two are exactly the steps in which a title requires most of the support that only a correctly focused publishing company can offer with its expertise.
The result of the 2 approaches mentioned above will see a book eventually disappearing within the mass of those already present in the market.
The publishing process is made up by different steps, from the ideation to the promotion, passing through the editing, formatting and distribution steps. We do not believe that these steps can be done in the same way for every title. Just because each title is different, the publishing process has to be different and cannot therefore be offered as a one-size-fit-all solution.

Focus #2: topics
While the first definition of focus concerns mostly the middle part of the publishing process (formatting and distribution), the second concerns mostly on the initial part, the ideation and the editing steps. Also in this case though, the same considerations made in the first focus, can be made also here: focusing on achieving the highest number of titles will eventually not help the titles to reach the success they may deserve. Editing is probably the most important step in deciding the future success or failure of a title [2].
As such, it is not an activity that should be left to generalist but instead to people who truly know the topics the book is dealing with. That is why Vyiha has decided to limit its scope of work to 2 specific topics:

- Health wellbeing
- Travels

The reason for this choice is that our team has editors that are fully passionate and are experienced in developing, copyediting and proofreading books regarding these topics. We believe that only with such a knowledge, we will be able to truly help authors working with us and to guide them towards the creation of a better book.
  Focus is for us therefore the answer to the 2 questions we often ask ourselves while building Vyiha. Without focus, there can’t be any real possibility for a publishing company to truly help a title and its author to achieve the success they deserve.

Find more about the way we operate:


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Publishing services brought to authors: Vyiha is born

Almost two years ago I was stuck in the middle while trying to publish my own book. As all authors entering the self-publishing word for the first time, I was spending my spare time in doing researches on which service I should have bought to bring my work to the market.

Several considerations were made in the decision making process, from the fairness of the price charged by some of the companies out there to taxation details. Soon I arrived to the conclusion that, being a non-US resident and having most of the companies offering publishing and digital distribution services in USA, if I'd wanted to self-publish my book, I would have needed to invest quite a bit considering either the service costs to be afforded in the distribution step or the withholding taxes that I would have eventually incurred had I decided to buy services from one of those companies.

I listened with profound empathy therefore when I heard similar stories from wanna-be authors having troubles in their decision making process and were, as myself, stuck in the middle.

The dilemma was the same for everybody: buy services from companies giving up a big part of the revenues (through high service fees) or trying to do everything on our own risking to lose ourselves in technical and management details?

As an increased amount of unknown authors seemed to have the same problem, we decided to meet one day in Hong Kong.

I will never forget that day. The weather was an atypical pleasant sunny day, perfect for an open air meeting in one of the cozy bars in Central Soho.

We were a group of five in that first meeting, all with our own soon-to-be-published book manuscript in our hands and all eager to find an alternative solution for self-published non-US resident authors. After a couple of hours of discussions, we understood that the best solution would have been to put together our variegate skill sets and to create our own publishing company.

We decided together to call the new small publishing house Vyiha, a name that carries no meaning but, when written, always looks the same however it is turned. We took this fact as a symbol of the business model we founded Vyiha upon: the way we achieve our goal is only making sure authors working with us achieve theirs. In other words, while working together we will have different roles, the aim will be nonetheless towards the same target which is having the books published through us reaching the highest number of people.

It took almost two years to build Vyiha and to fine-tune our publishing process, from the book creation until the follow-up in the promotion campaign and, in the meantime, our get together in Central Soho grew in size and number.

Nowadays, we are sure more than the first time we met that more and more authors have found difficulties in the self-publishing process solutions offered so far in the market and they are now looking for "something new".

Today Vyiha is born and would like to be the "something new" missing out there.

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